Can Worker-Owners Make a Big Factory Run? These Mexican Workers Can and Do

Mexican Workers Become Plant Owners after a Three-Year Strike
> A worker-owned cooperative with 1,050 members is building tires in Mexico, paying higher wages–and proving that workers-owners can make a big factory run.
> In this two-part report, Jane Slaughter details the three-year strike that made it happen and what it's like to work in a plant free of bosses. 
> Round Two in High-Stakes California Health Care Vote                 
> Kaiser workers will vote whether to change unions, four years after their local, United Healthcare Workers West, was trusteed by their international, the Service Employees. Ballots were mailed today.
> NPR Attacks Disability, Bolsters 'New Consensus' against Welfare             
> Nearly two decades after Bill Clinton ended "welfare as we know it," we're seeing a new push to shred what's left of the safety net. 
> Private Sector Better, Cheaper? Not at All    
> Politicians eager to "reform" public spending are looking for savings in all the wrong places. 
> Harry Kelber, 1914-2013               
> Harry Kelber spent 80 years as a labor activist. See him speaking and reciting his poem "Wall Street Daydream" here.         
> What's Your Favorite Recent Labor Movie? 
> Labor Notes is putting together a list, with your comments, about the best labor-related feature films (that is, not documentaries) since 2000. Comment here to tell us what moved or entertained you recently. 
> Troublemakers Schools: Portland, April 13 and New York City, May 18 
> Local troublemakers, union or not, are planning a day of skill-building workshops, education, and strategy. For the Saturday, April 13 school in Portland, Oregon get details and register here. New Yorkers can get details here.
> Jealous? Call 718-284-4144 or email Sam Winslow,, to find out how you can bring a Troublemakers School to your town. 
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